Speaking out

Why who innovates matters, why context is king, and why technology is only 10% of any solution.

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Eat Sleep Innovate

How to make creativity an everyday habit in your organization

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Inclusive Innovation

Inclusive innovation – innovation motivated by environmental and social aims – is able to uplift the benefits of innovation while reducing its harms.

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Design for Social Innovation

A case study in this book, which examines the levers propelling the field of design for social innovation into a new phase of growth and sustainability

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Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Mission-driven ventures have the power to change the world and solve today’s most pressing social problems. 

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After Shock

Is history history? And what does that mean for the future. This is what my chapter ponders in this collection of writing by the world's foremost futurists.

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Fast Company magazine cover December 2000 Issue 41

Report from the futurist

"The greatest global resource that Africans can provide is creative capital." ~ a quote from being featured for my work by  Fast Company magazine.