Approximately once a year — I kid you not — my knitting bug bites. Normally it strikes in the winter months, when handling wool isn’t challenged by sweaty summer himidity. However, since living stateside, the ever-present “climate controlled” environment has my stitch sensors scrambled. Although I don’t really like air conditioning, the upside is that […]
I’ve worked out that sometimes to sustain a marathon one needs to indulge in a quickie or two. Spoiler alert: this is probably not the quickie you’re free associating, nor is there any running involved. What is involved is the equally challenging effort around knitting a shawl. It’s not as engaging as one might imagine […]
I’ve recently been inspired to two projects by my childhood friend, MTP. One, is a new knitting project… and a second. Somehow knitting projects share something in common with rabbits and those gremlins in the 1984 movie of the same name — they magically give rise to more knitting projects. In this case, the second […]
There is a lot of anxiety in our household tonight: Jay is anxious about the election outcome and Calvin is anxious that he will miss going to the polling station tomorrow. He marched out of his bedroom after bedtime saying, “You guys are making too much noise and preventing me from getting enough sleep. If […]
Today it’s got down to 25F and “feels like 14F.” For those of us from the rest of the world, that’s -4C feeling like -10C. Cold enough in anyone’s unit of measure. And as recent weeks has had us New Yorkers plunging into the depths of arctic, we’ve tried out various coping strategies — some […]