I want the world to know I’ve gotta let it show…
…the time has come for me
to break out of this shell
I have to shout that I am coming out!”

Yes, it’s true, two days in a row and I’m sinking to using the lyrics of popular bubblegum tunes to express my deepest thoughts… okay, my shallowest, whazzup update. (Apologies to Amerie.)

But it’s also true that I have come out of the closet… balls of yarn in my freebie MOMA bag, and have been spotted *knitting* in public.

And it’s freaking some people out!

Like a fellow Russian student in my French class. (Yes, yes, we’re very multi-culti here). Her comment: “First the Russian names and now you are knitting like Russian woman. How are you not really Russian?”

(Ahem, and yes, three of my four names are in fact Russian in origin. The fourth you ask> Ah, that would be my Hebrew confirmation name… did I mention multi-culti?)

So yes, ‘My name is _ _ _ _ _, and I’m a knitter.’

Current project: A fuzzy-edged poof capelet.
There, that does it. ‘Cause now those that know me and see me wearing strange object that doesn’t at all resemble the photo of the pattern will know the truth!



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