The UN work calendar provides for some interesting times off.

Like today. Which is Eid-al-Fitr. And one of our 10 vacation days.

Which means we get to kick back and chill out on a rainy day in New York when very few others are. Of course, it sometimes also means the reverse: that we get to toil when all around us are chilling.

But the UN calendar is quite interesting, a melange of days of observance from some of the world’s major faiths (Good Friday, Christmas Day, both Eids), some fairly universally celebrated days (like New Year’s Day, although that too can vary wildly from place to place and for 2005, is listed quizzically on the calendar as ‘3 January: New Year’s Day.’

And the final component is a day or two observed in the country in which you might find yourself. Being based in New York, this means Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labour Day, with a President’s Day cropping up in ’05 as well.

And then there were 10, which is the sum total of official vacation days.. so I leave you to go off and enjoy mine.



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