One week and friends from (almost) every continent are in town. What could be nicer? Especially when they bring gifts that enhance one’s online life. (Check out the first foray of yours truly into the flickr world — left side of this site’s homepage — with much more eye candy to come…)

I count myself extremely fortunate, not only to have such treasured friends, but also in that they take the time to come and visit. And this week, like none other, brings a plenitude of people pleasures.

This evening I got together with Claire extraordinaire, you know, full-time masters study and full time work to literally save the plant?; and Lil, uber-talented in front and behind the lens of any camera. (Click on this link to Lil’s photos you must. Yoda would it no other way have. Guarantee you’ll hooked be.)

The evening was a blast, and a portent of good weekend things to come as:
one excellent South African heads New York-wards;
one Aussie blasts into town from current home in Toronto;
one Korean-born San Fransican touches down and
one long-lost Fulbright buddy leaves a message on my answering machine saying: I’m in town!

A tsunami of frienship. (Finally a positive connotation for the wave word!) Bring it on :0)



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