Does it count if you’ve written blog entries in your sleep or in your head? Hmm, perhaps not, because the objective is to share those thoughts.

Okay, okay, so I have been more than lax and have a litany of excuses, cough, reasons. Starting with summer.

Well it’s true. There’s something about summer that a) engenders the inspiration to be outdoors, b) play hooky c) reminds me of being in South Africa (with a humidity bomb).

So part of these past weeks I have been worshipping the great outdoors — early morning runs from time-to-time, going for cycles in the evenings and revelling in the long daylight hours, chilling in Central Park and sprawling in Bryant Park (my favourite New York park) to watch one of their free summer movies.

(And in case you wondered, yes I am a fan of extended daylight savings time, a congressional idea to extend the time during which the clocks are changed to make the most of later sunsets in spring and autumn.)

The other thing about summer is that it inspires people to take those vacations and come to New York. And we have so enjoyed having my old DC housemate Emily and her husband Jeff and their cutest daughter Sophie (who is already at 13 months, more profficient in her French than I am ;0); Jay’s sister Ranelle, Doug and their boys Carter and Peyton; with west coast visits from JayB greatly anticipated.

We’ve taken up those same opportunities to visit (my beloved) Canada. On one weekend we managed to celebrate the wedding of our friends Vipal and Mia, as well as the independece day bonanza of both Canada Day and 4th of July in Toronto and New York respectively.

I was only too happy to return to Toronto this past weekend, to have the bonus experience of meeting up with my dear friend MA. We were kindly hosted by the family McPhail, who used to live just a few blocks from me in Jo’burg! Small world, right! And I got to thoroughly enjoy the small-but-rapidly-expanding worlds of Bruce and Anne, their two delightful tots.

If this all sounds a little too healthy, then I must also balance the recounting with a run of weeks of a horribly persistent flu. Flu is miserable: flu in summer is especially miserable.

So I spent far too many days and weekends in the comfort of my aerie urban home. In fact, for one particular week, I had not ventured beyond the front door for five days! Fortunately, it also made me appreciate what a comfortable and nuturing little nest Jay and I have built together — something that I had not been able to fully appreciate due to frequent flying.

But trust me, there have been multiple blog missives crafted… the mind was willing but the motivation to open my laptop was, well, weak.



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