Not one, not two, but three good reasons why yours truly’s plans to blog have been thwarted.

In fact, now that I come to think of it, there are variables far outnumbering three. But let’s take it from there.

First there was the gift of technology. Bill (or someone like that) said, “Let there be technology” and there was technology and it was good… or good some of the time!

But this week it has been bad! Well-deserving of some corporal punishment. That’s the way I have been left feeling after aforementioned piece technology (a gang comprising my laptop, my wireless service provider and various pieces of software), decided to gobble not one, nor two, but three posts. Yes folks, and if you think that might have sated their hunger, think again. Sacrificed to the seemingly insatiable gang are also a handful or e-mails. At this point the ether must be teeming with the digested consonants and vowels of my efforts.

Of course, this kind of repetitive stress results in another state of affairs: a revolt of the creative juices also known as, blogger’s block (the malady formerly known as writers’ block).

Ah yes, how we mourn those ‘perfectly’ constructed pieces that lead the reader through the glorified happenings of our mundane life. It’s difficult to try, try, and try again when the ghost of entries recently completed are so close at hand.

And finally, there was the littany of excuses, from “I’m on a week-long luddite vacation,” highly recommended pre-dote to dealing with subsequent technology tragedies, to simply being too incensed to pen (or would that be keyboard?) anything during a week of 24/7 televised incompetence in dealing with the slowly drowning city of New Orleans.

But as you can tell, I am back… trying again.



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