If you’re into Asian pop culture, there are certainly two Chans that you would know. One, martial arts film star Jackie Chan. The other, chart-topping singer, Agnes Chan. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet both, and last night they star-spangled my evening again at a reception in New York to launch the latter Chan’s new album, “Forget Yourself” in the US.

It’s almost impossible to categorize the multi-talented, ever-relevant Ms. Chan. A Chinese woman who is one of the biggest stars in Japan. A multi-published author. A Stanford PhD holder. An activist for children.

Ms. Chan’s new album is particularly unique, each song inspired by young people she has met during her work as Ambassador for the Japan Committee for UNICEF. (A portion of the album’s proceeds will benefit the organization).

The real life stories behind the music are both chilling and inspiring, and the tunes are right on target with their pop/world/hiphop nexus. At the launch she performed the title track, “Forget Yourself,” as well as “Sorrow Lives in This Village,” and “It’s a Wonder.” “It’s A Wonder” was recorded with Chan number two: Jackie Chan, who, while he could not appear in person, spoke about his dedication to children in a pre-recorded message.

The pieces are easy to get into and have that irrisistable foot twitching, head nodding, body bobbing quality that will hopefully sell the album and their message, successfully. You can read much more detail about the album here and visit the official Agnes Chan website.

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