caramello.jpgRemember this post about cute chocolate truffles? Well, I am not the only one who thinks uber-cute truffles are noteworthy. Read what the Candy Addict has to say.

But browsing that website reminded me about another important seasonal musing: the art and science of eating Easter Bunnies.

Unlike some, I never had an quandries about how to tackle chocolate rabbit consumption. Or for that matter chicks, bears, snowmen or any other forms that less steely children may have been tempted to anthropomorphize and as a result temporarily traumatized themselves.

Having significant experience behind me (on the Caramello Bear chocolates pictured above), let me recommend the following chocolativore strategy:
1. Do not make eye contact with the rabbit (chick, bear etc.)
2. If you make this mistake, do not blink first.
3. Tackle the protruding parts first. That means ears and limbs are prime targets.
4. Top marks for following through on a decapitation tactic; ears first, then head.
5. Liquid centred beings are best tackled by first consuming a protruding part, then eating the filling, followed by the rest of the body.
6. It actuallty doesn’t matter how you tackle your candy, only that you enjoy it thoroughly.

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