stamps1.JPGWe were just patting ourselves on the back for finally finishing the wedding invitations, and waiting for those red RSVPs to come rolling into our mailbox when… what came rolling in instead were amazing stories of unconventional mail routes.

Take my brother’s invitation. Somehow I’d managed to invert the numbers of his post box and MT, the person who received it instead, put on his cyber sleuthing suit and went to work. Well, it helps when you’re a well known journalist and writer… or does it? Either way, MT tracked down my brother’s phone number, gave him a call and they organized a delivery.

Much more astounding for the extent of personal kindness is the tale of how our dear family friends received their invitation. This re-routing had nothing to do with either poor addressing or poor script — the post office sent it to a completely different city for heavens sake!

The recipient, a Johannesburg resident, took it upon himself to track down the family. He found them, not surprisingly, at the address on the envelope! But unlisted telephone numbers have a way of making contact difficult, but he managed to get a number and call them and then… *drove* the 60-plus kilometres (in one direction) to hand deliver the invitation! We’re indebted indeed.

But just in case you’re congratulating yourself that these snafu appear to be entirely one-sided, that side being way south-east off the North American continent, I’m here to tell you that you should snap back to attention. So far we’re aware of two snafus in the US. One postmas who decided not to deliver an invitation to an address because it was addressed to someone whose name he didn’t recognize (“care of” anyone?) and at least one invitation that has vanished completely off the California coast. Unfortunately no good hearted stranger was there to help us out in either of these cases.

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