weed_s.jpgI can hardly believe that the ‘summer of ’06’ has come and gone. In fact, Jay and I were almost taken by surprise when we realized that our third anniversary of our meeting — at a Sunday, Labour Day cookout (read: braai!) was here.

Of course it started off with a bang with our wedding on Memorial day weekend. And there was a month of family fun before that. Seen above, my mom on the spectator sidelines of a ‘Legalize marijuana’ march in downtown Manhattan.

And it’s been a great summer, some of the highlights of which i have yet to post! Ah well, that can only tell you that I’ve been enjoying the lazy, laid back aspect of the season.

bier.jpgHighlight:The World Cup provided weeks of opportunity for new conversations with friends and our wonderful crew in the building here. It also proivded a chance for us to hang out at various German beer gardens, something we’d been threatening to do for years, literally. And yes, we did make it to Hallo Berlin just around the block. (Wierd for someone like me who does not drink beer, but there you have it!) These were of course, great venues to watch the games at.

Lowlight: I didn’t take as many of those summer bike rides along the Hudson as I usually do and had planned to. (For good reason, but you’ll have to wait for that.)
Highlight: I did go kayaking in the Hudson this summer, something I missed last year and was bummed about.

giant-chicken.jpgLevity there was a’plenty. And one of those fun, on the way to work moments was the one captured here with a giant, inflatable chicken (occupied by a no doubt sweaty, below-minimum-wage-paid student) promoting some or other new restaurant near work. I had to grab the photo-op and it totally makes me grin broadly!

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