This week was time for baby Calvin’s monthly check-up. He is doing well and now, as you can see (or maybe not see) from the sonogram, he can no longer fit into the standard screen view — so if they want to take a full body image of him they have to zoom out.

In the image you can see his head to the right and ribcage and shadow of his left arm. He was snoozing during the visit, but he had a surge of activity on Friday night that woke me up and had me sleepless for a while. Not sure if there was a triathalon I didn’t know about, but he was going beserk!

Eventually I resorted to getting into a yoga pose designed to provide the baby with the most space, and managed to go to sleep like that. You can imagine Jay’s surprise to wake up the next morning and find me propped up on a wierd configuration of pillows with the soles of my feet together. (I believe the correct term is Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose.)

Today is the first day of baby Calvin’s 27th week. He weighs around 2 pounds and from top to toe, is about 14-15 inches. My pregnancy countdown book informs me that he’s basically an inch taller than a Barbie or Ken doll. Yikes! That seems a little large, doesn’t it?!

Speaking of large, yours truly has seen a growth spurt in the size of the tummy in the past 10 days. It means I have now discovered the meaning of the different pregnancy clothing stages, because I can now no longer fit into some of them! Fortunately I have a wonderful assortment of those that I can, and am happily becoming one with all things soft and stretchy. But I am wondering whether the dress I am hoping to finish today will actually fit. I guess I didn’t quite grasp the female form’s capacity to expand!

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