pport.gifOne of the sounds that Calvin has been practicing is “go”; it’s a variation on “goo”, which he is very profficient at. (Interestingly, he does a very competent rendering of the word “grenouille”, French for frog!) It’s a good thing, because this little guy is ready to go. Go on a jet plane that is.

Calvin’s passport is ridiculously cute. It’s valid for half the time of that of an adult — five years. Now I can guarantee that Calvin is going to change substantially in the next five months, never mind years! Talk about making it difficult for immigration officers! (Tip for anyone who needs a US passport for a deadline, paying for the expedited processing is well worth it or you will find your application gummed up in the huge pile of passport applications the administration is dealing with since US citizens need passports to visit Canada.)

However there is one perplexing feature in the passport: it isn’t valid until signed. While Calvin might be top of the charts, it would be beyond a stretch of imagination to say he can write. He hasn’t yet worked out how objects become attached to him when he accidentally grabs them! Apparently, we get to sign for him.

The little guy also has his own seat and a ticket to prove it. I’m pleased to see that SAA correctly applied the prefix, “Mstr”, to his ticket. Master Calvin will be taking his first trip to South Africa at the beginning of June. We’re all very excited and preparations are underway because, as we’ve discovered, you need to pack for all eventualities while trying to stay within your luggage limits!

travelb.gifWe’ve been having day naps in his capacious travel bassinet — I wish they made adult tents this easy to erect (you just remove the safety strap and get out the way as it self-erects) and luxurious (it comes complete with inflatable air mattress, fluffy pad, SPF fabric and anti-bug screens, creating a snug and safe Calvin cocoon. Verdict: Calvin gives two feet up.

While in the Big Apple lists are being finalized and supplies purchased, the team in South Africa (headed by my mom), is hunting down local supplies. See I knew my work experience in logisitics, operations and supply prepositioning would be helpful to me personally!

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