solid2.gifI was all prepared for a first solids night extravaganza. Would the sloppy organic rice cereal be rejected? Would there be cereal flying about in all directions? Interesting expressions? Cereal ejections?

The answer? None of the above. After setting up the little guy in his haute chaise, getting the perfect framing in the video camera and hitting the record button, first food night basically went like this.

Calvin eagerly anticipates with interest the plate and spoon. He knows the spoon as we’ve been practising “eating” water off it for some weeks. He opens his mouth as the wobby cereal mixture makes its way to the aperture. He slurps it off, swallows and waits patiently but positively for more.

He slurps his ways through two-thirds of the serving and is satisfied. No mess. No fuss.

The next day he repeats the performance in public, perched on my lap at a local coffee bar. This time he finishes the whole serving. (FYI, if you need to keep liquid cold and don’t have an ice block handy, that mini-bottle of vodka you forgot about at the back of the freezer works wonders!)

This evening there was a little more excitement. The cereal was a little less sloppy and we ate it picnic style, seated on a blanket on the floor. Definitely more messy, especially since the poor chap seems to be teething. So the cereal made his fist tast tastier and the spoon was grabbed both in an attempt to self feed and to chomp on to soothe those aching gums.

So far. So good. Solid gold.

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