cal_bobo_s.gifAs the days of this week pass one by one, we can’t believe that three months with grandma have passed. It barely seems possible that Calvin’s Bobo could have been here for a month, let alone three, and as her departure stares us in the face, we’re making the most of every moment.

Over the past week we’ve been to see the astoundingly excellent production of Madame Butterfly at The Metropolitan Opera, had tea at a favoured haunt — Alice’s Teacup — on the Upper West Side, and made our way from the mysteries of Mythical Creatures to the marvels of modern astrophysics and entomology at the American Museum of Natural History. (I’d been anticipating seeing the Mystical Creatures exhibit with my mom since I first got wind of it at the start of the year.)

We also made sure to tackle another item on my must do list this weekend — a family portrait session. Some black fabric from the Garment District (thanks to mom for hunting it down), a shower rod, bathroom rearrangement and, voila, studio 360, is born. This is one of my favourites from today’s photo session.

One can’t help protesting, “it’s too soon!” It also makes me aware of how lethargy, routine and a little procrastination can lull one into thinking you can always do “it” (whatever that might be) next weekend. Time for carpe diem.

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