pasta_sauce.jpgAn email from a good friend ex-Canada and now comfortably ensconced in Scotland invited me to join a recipe swap chain mail. The attached mouthwatering and simple recipe for peanut butter biscuits (biscuits, yay!) was incentive enough to think of what recipe I might share in becoming part of the cuisine network.

One spontaneously came to mind. Eaten recently. Enjoyed for days. And simple, with a twist enough to make it different. It was what I’ve come to call Marleen’s Marvellous Mince Sauce. I met Marleen because we were fortunate enough to find one another when we were looking for someone to take care of Calvin during the day when I was studying in the Netherlands recently. It was a pressured time, so imagine my delight when I came home to a delicious smell of slowly simmered protein goodness.

So I am going to use this recipe as my swap contribution to the virtual pot luck, as well as share it here with you. Along with Joanne’s Super-Yummy Chocolate Cake (gotten from Joanne when she baked it for a birthday cake in almost the middle of the bush in Maputoland) and a selection of the very best recipes our family and friends contributed into a book as a wedding gift.

Equal portions ground beef and ground pork e.g. 0.5 pounds each.
One medium onion chopped
Either a can of tomato paste plus 2 cups water OR can of peeled, whole tomatoes OR a jar of tomato sauce
3-4 carrots chopped
1/3 of a red pepper chopped
Italian herbs
Salt and pepper

Brown both mince together in a sauteuse/pot/deep frying pan.
Drain excess fat if necessary.
Add all the other ingredients.
Wait until they boil and turn down to low simmer.
Let simmer for a long time, test and season to taste.

Serve with a cabohydrate — like pasta, bread, couscous, baked potato.

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