maaike5.jpgCalvin continues to be blissfully happy in his new class. Today he stayed there from 10 am onwards. He loves the mobility, the daily activities that range from drawing with crayons to a ‘kinderdance’ class; playing with mobile pals; sleeping in a barless cot under a cuddle soft teddy bear fleece blanket a friend of the family made for him.

He loves it so much he protests loudly when we have to get ready to leave for home in the evening. That’s the best endorsement!

The class is a good mix of boys and girls and Calvin has friends on all sides. Here you see him with one of his favourite young friends. Her youngest sister was in the infant room with Calvin, and while he likes the sister, he adores F seen here. And she is endlessly kind and engaging, letting him explore her LeapPad toy and playing with him on the floor.

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