Our little Calvin is doing so well he’s making us feel like pretty proud parents. Over the past two weeks he’s been transitioning from the infant room to the ones room at his child care centre. More than a month in advance, he made the switch in under the two week time usually allotted. (Of course we’re still trying to make the switch!)

Seeing him in his new environment is thrilling, and makes one truly appreciate the word ‘engagement.’ The little guy is thoroughly engaged with his very mobile fellow toddlers (and yes, he is now walking and even giving running a go!) and adores the different exploratory areas. There are wonderful adventures to be had every day, from turning a large box into a house, to making toy turtles bounce about by banging a drum that they are placed on, and art and movement classes too!

Another milestone looms in less than a week when we will spend the first time apart, an ocean and a continent apart. Calvin and dad will be holding down the fort while I travel to Uganda for work.

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