Today we celebrated Chinese New Year 4706 and Calvin’s new year 1. With his Grammy in town, we enjoyed having friends over for nibbles and cake. Of course the star attraction was little Calvin.

cal_bd_cake.gifThe celebration at home was appropriately themed. His birthday falls on the Lantern Festival, the last day of the Chinese New Year, so Chinese lanterns graced the table and topped his home made cake. (Banana cake with cream cheese icing and raspberry filling.)

The pig pair we received at his baby shower last year was out in force; Calvin being born not only in the year of the pig/boar, but the once-in-500-years ‘Year of the Golden Boar.’

And we literally topped him off with a little faux, red silk Chinese outfit complete with the fabulously embroidered lion hat, another shower gift intended to be worn on his first birthday celebration. (I remember thinking how enormous it was many months ago, and now it fits!)

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