improyale.jpgThat would be the equator, and not the Middle Earth of Tolkien novels. Yes, I am currently sitting smack on the earth’s midsection in Kampala, Uganda. As I’m one of the facilitators of an an intense, four-day programme management retreat, I have not seen much of the world outside of our hotel — the Imperial Royale.

However, the drive from Entebbe on the shores of the vast Lake Victoria provided for a real appreciation of this impossibly green city of rolling hills, an ogle at the old Entebbe Airport of ‘raid on Emtebbe’ fame, and the impressively vast MONUC facility.

Plus we all went out for an excellent dinner at Eimina Pasha Hotel last night. The hotel is perched near the top of one of the city’s hills, with what must be a spectacular view over part of the city. As it was, we enjoyed the verdant gardens, incredible fresh-squeezed passion fruit juice and my introduction to a decadent dessert known as banoffee. Banoffee — basically a tastebud tantalizing love affair between banana and toffee, in this case cushioned in a lavish blend of marscapone cheese and cream. Yum!

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