elbow.gifForgive me. It’s been almost a week with no post for good reason. On one hand a bundle of work and on the other hand, pain. Actually, it’s been aches and pain in more than a hand.

For the past few months I’ve been bothered by increasing amounts of aches in my joints — elbows and knees — and in my back. Finally the aching was bothering me enough that I took a tylenol (not being a fan of pain killers) and then made an appointment with a doctor and physical therapist.

Mystery solved. Apparently I have a whopping case of tennis elbow, an erector muscle in spasm (that’s the back) and knee joints taking a pounding during the walk to and from work. In analysing my daily routine they figured out that I have been picking up that cute bundle in an inefficient way — which takes its toll when the bundle weighs 25 pounds and counting! The 3.2 mile daily loop pushing some 80 pounds of stroller, baby and stuff with my arms in the wrong position added to the irritation and inflammation.

So I’m making changes, including dawn yoga on the alphabet mat in our living room, taking the subway across town to halve the distance I have to walk and paying attention to every bend and pick-up posture. And already I feel tons better! Now all I have to do is work in a few more massages…

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