10000bcposter.jpgOkay, I’ll publicly admit having just returned home from watching the movie 10,000 B.C. It has been soundly and roundly panned by the critics, my personal favourite quote from ReelViews, “It’s too dull to involve those who like action-packed, fast-paced motion pictures and it’s too dull-witted to engage anyone else.” Toss in a few mammoths and it sounded like perfect, ‘check your brain at the door’ fare for a Friday night. And it fulfilled my expectations.

What I didn’t expect was this: if you had to take the lead singer from Just Jinger, toss in the cast from Shaka Zulu, lots of money for CGI and cool locations, but not enough for a dialect coach, you would get this movie. Simply put, the hunter tribe that has the starring role all sounded like people I grew up with in my home town in South Africa. Yup, the actors could not have hit a more perfect rendering of an Afrikaans mother tongue speaker talking English. They’re up there with Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in Blood Diamond.

I noted that the flick was partially filmed in Namibia and had a number of SA nationals in production management, location, costuming, horse stunts, not to mention one of the casting directors. Made me feel right at home… 12,008 years in the past. (Go to official movie website.)

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