scarry.jpgIf you’re someone who grew up on, or is familiar with, the works of children’s illustrated book author, Richard Scarry, then you probably remember the cute (but now we are adults we realize quite trying) character, Babykins. Fortunately Calvin today emulated only one Babykins characteristic.

In the book, Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy World, we have the tale of a day in the life of Babykins. (Upon cursory review, Scarry’s world is a gender stereotyped patriarchal one! But I digress.) The final installment in Babykins’ busy day is to go to sleep clutching his newfound favourite thing — a monkey wrench. (In case it bears mentioning, Babykins is a boy.)

Today Calvin became enamoured with a toy dog at his creche, taking it to bed for naptime and apparently trying to say “Woof, woof.” And this evening he only relinquished his hold on his new blue plastic strainer (meant for use in the sandpit but oh so much fun in the bath too!) when he was almost asleep. Seeing Calvin’s arms wrapped around the strainer transported me to my childhood delight at the quirky end of Babykins’ day, an illustration of him clutching his wrench.

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