This evening demanded a faster food option as Calvin is a little ill (101+ temperature and unusually quiet) and Jay has a foodie date with a group that intends to tackle and tame some sort of gargantuan pork dish at momofuku ssam.

Some obvious choices included soup in a can (but organic and all that thanks to the uber-licious Amy’s Organic brand) or a sandwich. Subway, the sandwich franchise, crossed my mind for a fleeting moment, but then I remembered that Calvin and I could include in our walk home a sandwich pitstop at Boi to Go.

This is the take away outlet of my favourite mid-town restaurant, Boi. (Confession: over the past two weeks I have eaten two lunches at Boi. What can I say? They make good food that makes me feel like I’m eating somewhat healthily. Thus, week three and I couldn’t turn down an opportunity for… a banh-mi.

“A what?” you ask. Simply the most fresh, multi-flavoured sandwich filled with layers of pate, carrot and daikon, Vietnamese sausage, cilantro and tastebud tantalising sauces. It also ends up being a jaw-defying mouthful! Necessitating the use of both hands in a pincerlike grip to depress the crusty baguette into a width that you can coax your mouth around. (If you’re curious, there’s a great description with photos on the Midtown Lunch blog.)

The result? Even though I ordered a spicy version, when Calvin and I sat down to supper he perked up enough to demand samples. The custy baguette pieces got a thumbs up. Pate a cautious thumbs up. Avocado a big thumbs up. And the vegetables got tossed, high up into the air, followed by a giggle as they splattered onto the strategically positioned splat mat. (I just realized, that means the entire family ate south-east Aisian cuisine for supper!)

That makes two of three meals today alone that I’ve had my food Calvin-napped. This morning he commandeered the entire top of my vanilla chocolate chip muffin. (Luckily chocolate chips sink to the bottom!) But at least we know the guy isn’t going hungry!

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