The last week or so have been quiet here on, but not willingly so. As any New Yorker who experienced the blackout, or any South African who is currently experiencing so-called “load shedding” can attest to, life is different when the plug is suddenly pulled without warning. And that, in a sense, is exactly what happened.

Last week I took delivery of a fabulous Wacom tablet, a sort of wireless, digital sketch pad. The friend and colleague who introduced me to these correctly predicted that I would succumb to a slightly larger model. So it was with great enthusiasm that I extricated it from its packaging and sat down to set it up. The plan? Use it to draw a complete series of animal alphabet cards for Calvin’s bedroom wall.

Alas, Bluetooth resisted all attempts to make a connection between laptop and tablet.

The following day I enlisted the help of some folks who had more expertise than I in the hardware. A few hours and numerous calls to IBM tech support later and the situation was akin to one of the serious side-effects of Viagra. “The screen just went blue!” they explained. And that was that. The laptop ceased to function; the data on the hard drive couldn’t be retrieved, so we eventually opted for tabula rasa land.

One complete format, re-image and reinstallation later and I am have been happily reunited with my keyboard counterpart. But the break was a worthwhile experience — evenings ended earlier, I actually managed to get through some of those magazines that have been piling up in various corners of our apartment and I learned that the only one thing I truly, truly missed… was being able to update my blog.

I also figured out that that was the one thing many of you missed too! I have been thrilled to get a few e-mails speculating about my whereabouts. Yes, wish I could report that I was unplugged on a Banyan tree shaded patio, but I’ve simply been on a suprise tech detox.

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