Numbers of various kinds are running through my brain…
* 33 and some number of less than one additional inch = height of C at check up, which puts him in the the 99th percentile for height.
* 25lb 10oz = the little guy’s weight at his 15 month check up. Although to pick him up you’d agree he must have the specific density of lead! Imagine if he were heavier than the 75th percentile for weight.
* 1 = Number of weekly massages required by me to ease shoulder, back and elbow tendonitis pain… from handling aforementioned plumbum parvulus
* 14 = number of boxes we’ve packed
* 126 = number of boxes to be packed
* 15 = number of days we have to get everything packed for our move
* 5.11miles = physical distance we will be moving
* 1,000 miles = psychological distance between move origin (happening Hell’s Kitchen) and destination (rustic Roosevelt Island)

And now you’ll have to excuse me, we’ve run out of newspaper so it’s time to hunt down some packing material.

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