pack.JPGYou may have wondered why the blog stalled for weeks, but I can easily explain with a simple, three-lettered word: box. Or a four-lettered word (now, now): move. Happily, I can also report that all but about 10 of the former are out of our lives and that we have pretty much successfully achieved the latter.

Yes, we’ve moved. And it would not have been possible without sister-in-law R (seen above with an able-bodied assistant), whose optimism and sheer heavy lifting kept me sane and kept us on track with the seemingly endless packing and unpacking. *PROPS to R!* Thank you, thank you!

As will be revealed over time (and now that our wireless router has ensured we can get online again after 10 days of going cold turkey!), our lives are now filled with twice daily riverside strolls, waking up to the sound of birds tweeting, and being constantly amazed at the size of our living space. Example? Calvin can happily run laps in it, and we even managed to host an impromptu Aussie sleepover this weekend featuring two six-footers.

More later, for now it’s time to head to bed without the Ninth Avenue symphont/cacophony of alarms, hooters and sirens. (Though there is much else to evoke Ninth Avenue nostalgia.)

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