It’s a cold, grey day and Jay’s just pointed me to the rest of the week’s weather… not glorious sunny South African sunsine, not shorts and T-shirt weather… not even above freezing! Sigh. (Really, the highs for the rest of the week are 20F, i.e. -6C!)

There is lots to catch up on: mail (both real and virtual), and getting to grips with this new, WordPress-based blog and seeing if I can find a moment to customize it a little more — just saw it for the first time five minutes ago!

Also, piling through 100s of megabytes of holiday photos, thanks to a snazzy Olympus E-Volt I purchased for the holiday — hurrah! Calvin no longer appears as the blur in photos I try to take of him, thanks to the ‘motor drive’ action. The con is that there are dozens of photos to weed out to capture the one that I was going for.

More soon, I’m off to admire my tan in the bathroom mirror to remind myself that somewhere, two hemispheres away, lies my beloved family and the blessedly beautiful weather that is summer in SA.



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