Reading in the morning at the diningroom table...

Reading in the morning at the diningroom table...

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Calvin *loves* to read. Books are like the sun. 
Sunrise reading starts in his crib, where we leave a changing selection of self-reads in easy reach. (Plus he’s able to grab some other substantial books, including Robin Hood and The Wind in the Willows from his bookshelves.)
Then we continue through requests to read books first thing when we change and clothe him… to books at breakfast… to books sometimes coming with us on our commute (more than a little inconvenient, especially as he always chooses the ones that are too big to fit into my backpack!)
Bedtime reading material in pajamas

Bedtime reading material in pajamas

The reading fest continues at creche and sometimes he will try to tell me a little about what he’s read that day if it’s been particularly interesting.

Last week his class read a book titled ‘Digger man’ which clearly made an impression. This weekend, we had to play “digger man” with his excavator (a.k.a. Calvin digger man) and his crane (a.k.a. Mama digger man) zipping around the carpet and stopping every so often to say, “Hello” and “How do you do?” and “Bye bye” to each other.

Finally, there are books with dinner and books before bedtime, sometimes with attempts to convince us to read more than the allotted three bedtime books he chooses. Tonight’s picks? A highly-abridged version of Jacob two-Two and the Hooded Fang; Carrot Soup; and Meerkat Mail.



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