Grammy and Calvin try the millinery on for size.

We’re having a wonderful week so far. Why? Because Grammy is here and making our lives such fun.

An extra pair of hands is great to have around, and it’s even more fun to swelter together and enjoy some firsts, like trying out the inventive new playground in Union Square. Here there’s a huge stainless steel dome for scrambling up (which Calvin did after being inspired by a three-year-old girl), cattail-like stalks for mounting and swaying, and a genius water feature in the sandpit.

Hat's off... for hats on

Or, for example, creating what is apparently a ‘solar power tower’ from stacked paper towels in the bathroom — seen in the photo top right. Calvin did the first three rolls, Papa the fourth, and Grammy the fifth plus the winding flourishes. I’m informed it is currently powering the light bulbs above the bathroom mirror.

As Grammy’s heading to the US Open, she brought a straw tennis hat, and that inspired Calvin’s imagination. He had to wear it on his head, shoulders and, eventually, grass skirt style. Although he’s been eschewing photos recently, this is such a wonderful beaming one. Think I’ll have to put this one in the office!



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