While many people felt disappointed to have faced off a mere tropical storm rather than a hurricane when Irene reached us; we got out and enjoyed some of the surprising after effects: new temporary play spaces.

No jumping this puddle! It's a wader.

On Sunday, we went puddle hunting, in pursuit of ‘the hugest puddle in the whole world.’ And while this is all subject to great hyperbole, you have to admit that this is a pretty great puddle! We played in this deep, large and muddy pool-sized puddle for a really long time. The aftermath has necessitated laundering boots and possibly consigning the flooded ones solely to future mud immersion wear.

In the thick-et of things

On Monday evening we went to take a look at the various trees that had been felled by the storm. Among these were three enormous, 50-footish oak trees that crumpled our baseball diamond. When we arrived a small group of friends from summer day camp were turning the felled giants into an organic jungle exploration and a jungle gym. Waiting to see what other parents would say as the kids stepped carefully around the ‘caution’ tape, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the uniform position that “kids today don’t have enough opportunity to go adventuring’, or have enough exposure to the natural world, like this. So the group vanished into the trees, literally, casting about like explorers, emerging some time later at what was the very top of the tree, only to run back around and beg to do it all again.


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