The 'Super Soccer streak' stands out from the all-white crowd.

Jay and Calvin play out the reel of microfilament attached to the mast

Just prior to our proud launch!

You might recall I mentioned our project to build a pond skiff. It’s been underway for the entire summer and fall. We started, ambitiously, with wood, clamps and saws in our apartment. Lessons learned:

  1. No amount of newspaper on the dinning room table or use of your balcony can compensate for not having an actual workshop.
  2. A Dustbuster does not a shop vac make.
  3. Sawing by hand is darn difficult!

So after making a lot of sawdust and having a lot of fun in the process, we bought a pond skiff kit. The offering from Tippecanoe promised opportunities to wield sandpaper, glove-necessary adhesives and mask-requiring varnishing. Not to mention actual rigging.

We spaced the project over the weeks and, taking advantage of unseasonally warm weather a few weeks ago, the good ship “Super Soccer streak” was launched. Stuart Little would have hopped aboard our T-class Racing Sloop with glee, as it tacked back and forth across Conservatory Water, a.k.a. ‘the pond boat’ in Central Park.

The result? I highly recommend Tippecanoe kits. It’s a brilliant kit of high quality components — beech body, weighted keel, brass fittings, ripstop nylon sails — with thoughtful and clear instructions. Here’s to future sailing fun.


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