Photobooth portrait at the AMNH. The sepia was C's choice.

There’s no such thing as a ‘quick’ visit to the American Museum of Natural History. Silly me! Determined to make the most of the second last day of our family membership, C and I made our way over and booked tickets for the Space Theatre show, the Butterfly exhibit, and loved the Beyond Earth special exhibition. The interactive elements were very engaging — we successfully terraformed Mars three times today and experimented with trying to tackle an asteroid headed on a collision course with earth. (No matter that exploding it into pieces with a nuclear weapon always results in a dangerous asteroid shower, C tried it repeatedly. The science says that Armageddon movie had it wrong — be warned! )

Somehow it hadn’t registered that our membership came with all these extra tickets, which we had failed miserably to use up. So it was with horror that I realized a bunch of them were about to go to waste. Luckily we spotted another family hanging about and we got them tickets with the works.

What we saved on our own admission we more than made up for in space-related purchases and a late lunch. So it was with much trepidation that I entered the dark confines of a photobooth strategically positioned near the women’s toilets. Not that I felt ripped off, just that I didn’t want to spend $5 taking photos when I had a cameraphone in my pocket. In retrospect, that was the best $5 spent all day!

Whoever conceived of the remade booth deserves every cent of revenue. Not only did we end up with three bookmark-styled prints from our classic four photos, but also access to the (low res) digital copies (see above) and a video of us ‘sitting’ for our photos. Yes, there was a lot of laughing, and it was so fun to see it from the other side of the camera, so to speak. Checking in online afterwards, it’s a breeze to share photos or the video on various social media platforms. Except for YouTube, which for some reason won’t load at the moment. But it you’re on FB, you can check out the silly moment now.


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