The charming Chris Robshaw et moi.

The eve of the third rugby test against the Boks, which will take place tomorrow at Ellis Park in Johannesburg (Go Boks!) is the right moment for a revelation. It can truthfully be said — without  having violated any marital vows — that I have slept with the entire England rugby team…

You see, my routing to Uganda proved to be less expensive if I flew from New York to London, London to Joburg, and Joburg to Kampala. On the leg from London to Johannesburg, I was struck by the number of well-toned guys in matching white T-shirts and black tracksuit pants that took over business class. It transpired that I was all but surrounded by a sea comprised of the England rugby team!

They’ve clearly cleaned up the bad behaviour on display Down Under; these guys were perfect gentlemen. I’ve never had a more pleasant ‘line up’ for the shared bathroom. How could I resist chatting? They’re a pretty interesting bunch of athletes. I wasn’t about to admit I had no clue who was who, but as luck would have it, it happened to be the charming England Captain, Chris Robshaw, who I nabbed for a photo. (Kindly ignore the 10 inch height difference, okay? )

As for the basis for my claim? Did I mention it was an overnight flight ;0)


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