Fragrant, purple coneflower

OK. I’ve been home for almost a month and have yet to post all the updates that are in my head. About how wonderful it was to drop in on my mom and brother in Jozi; of my experiences spending a month in Uganda; of another wonderful week in Cambridge; and of course the amazing homecoming to my guys.

Coming home to our new apartment has also been great, despite move-in pains that have included:

  • Idiosyncratic electric outlets that can only run the dishwasher OR the kettle OR the toaster OR the vacuum cleaner — it’s made me realize the extent to which we regularly multi-task on the home front.
  • A blocked kitchen drain that was diagnosed as floors of pipes blocked by workers having rinsed plaster and paint down them, and had to be hacked out of the wall and replaced.
  • A leaking roof that resulted in bits of ceiling plopping down on our head in the kitchen.
  • The air conditioner in our bedroom that has been broken for a week, with another week to go before it will be fixed.

You know the place you call home must be good when you love it regardless of the above. And love it we do.¬†Today we planted two self-irrigating planters on our roof deck, complete with butterfly and hummingbird-friendly plants like purple coneflower (in the photo), hyssop and speedwell. In case our hope and optimism on possible garden planter visitors proves unrealistic… we’ve ordered a Painted Lady butterfly-raising kit, so we can release them in our roof deck garden. (Will let you know how that works out.)




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