What is love? There are many ways to define it but try this one: your scared-of-heights husband willingly goes on a two-and-a-half hours-of-terror-tour to zip line through a cloud forest.

This involved things like:
– Standing five stories up on a rustic 3×3 foot platform. Rustic meaning narrow weathered wooden planks and no railings. All safe and stable of course, but it does get the adrenaline up!
– Zip lining on runs some half a mile long!
– Hanging out on a platform encircling a strangler fig tree that moved about in the strong wind while some of us did the rappelling option.

This involved rappelling down 40 metres to the ground, climbing up the inside of the strangler fig and then about 30 feet up, climbing out a hole in the side and wobbling up a 20 foot rope ladder to claw oneself up onto the platform. It was awesome, and the best courage booster was to follow behind your apparently fearless six year old, chatting away about encouraging things like, “only 20 more rungs to go Mama, we’re almost there!”

So if love is a demonstration of doing something you absolutely fear because you want to be with your family, then this morning is a compelling example to celebrate! Go Jay!

As this crazy caper was my idea, I was quite concerned about both guys in my life and how they would do. Turns out I just needed to keep any anxiety under control.

C was the first one on the Tarzan swing, an adrenaline rush that even I declined. While C did most of the runs with one of the guides, he did get to zoom along the fastest one on his own to great delight of us all!

Apparently you need to be around 100 lbs to generate sufficient momentum to make the line for end to end. Of course, at somewhat more than 100 lbs, I still managed to stand myself some metres from the platform on my first run and had to do some hand-over-hand hauling to get there. Insight: This will cure you from being brake happy.

All-in-all amazing experience, during which we also spotted a couple of tarantulas,a pair of sleeping owls and had a noisy black guan bird follow us from platform to platform. Highly recommend the Original Canopy Tour company. They took some fabulous photos on our camera, so will share those when back home. Meanwhile, the inside of the strangler fig will have to do.


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