So I’m diving in here, making the move from the e-mail clogging newsletters of the past to the blog of the present (or recent present). But the question remains: will you come?

Or will this turn into me talking to, well, myself?

Perhaps, like so many other ailments in this digital age, this potential sad end will really be the opportunity to form a new, or join an already established support group on the web: the lonely blogger’s club.

One liberating and democratising aspect of the web that has often been touted is the medium’s ability to ‘level the playing field’ by enabling anyone with a will and a way to state their mind to other connected digital denizens.

It is one thing to be able to mount one’s personal soapbox comprised of ones and zeroes and proclaim an opinion, but monologues electronic or otherwise, have never been my definition of communication.

Or are they? I suppose it depends on your point of view: are blogs just the modern way to keep a journal with the off chance that a friend or stranger halfway around the globe might happen to peruse it? Or are blogs really a form of personal journalism? A quest for a little ‘petit celebre’, at least among those you know and whoever might be on their networked degrees of separation?

Well, Mr. Guttenberg, thanks for the personal press. If I write it, will they come? Or do they even have to?



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