I’m happy to report that, yes, sometimes, bliss is for sale.

Particularly when it comes packaged in blue hues on the second floor of 568 Broadway near the corner of Prince Street in the chic Manhattan neighbourhood of Soho.

Ahhh, yes, Bliss spa. Purveyors of undivided, hands-on attention for anyone who cares to pony up the plastic and can get a reservation.

Image courtesy of and copyrighted to Bliss Soho

Fortunately I have one Fuzzy Logic to thank for my current blissful state. (Meow casa es su casa!)

But apart from the obvious feel good factors — restful atmosphere, pleasurable treatments, professional service, indulgent toiletries — what makes hanging out in a waffleweave robe for hours so, well, blissful?

My theory is that it is a little of that same magic that hairdressers bring to our lives — the therapy that is having nothing to do or think of but ourselves, having someone’s undivided attention with the sole objective of making you feel good, and the hands-on human connection that sits somewhere in our reptilian brain.

Afterall, modern life affords fewer and fewer opportunities for all of the above. Our lives are increasingly multitasked, with less if any time to dedicate to ourselves, and we are increasingly insulated from each other, interacting in increasingly depersonalized ways.

So for a little more bliss, it seems like the winning formula is getting back to basics in our lives, and until that change takes root, prescribe a guilt-less check in at your local spa.



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