How many people can say the question of how to brand your ass comes as part of a day’s work?

Note to self: when next I hit a downer at work, I should think of one innocent e-mail that arrived with the seemingly innocuous subject line something like, “Your help with branding needed.”

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The e-mail was from a friend of mine in East Africa with a vexing question. The office was helping to purchase some donkeys to help move educational materials to children in even the most hard-to-reach corners of the country. So how do you brand an ass?

My immediate response to her was somewhat punny. “Please don’t ‘brand’ the donkeys, okay? And use that word with caution!” The last thing I could imagine we would want was the organization logo seared painfully into the flesh of a beast of burden!

She wondered about a collar. My suggestion was to supply a proper harness and lead. Eventually I think it was decided to supply a suitably coloured and logo-ed blanket.

So much for another day at the office!



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