Too little is said to recognize the heroism displayed everyday.

This weekend I’ve come to appreciate the bravery of those close to me in one of life’s more stressful activities: real estate transactions.

Take one half-pint-sized mom facing down a trio of hefty, towering Afrikaaner men on the subject of selling a piece of property… on her terms. She elected to go face-to-face with this unhappy posse of folks who can’t get their financing straight. But that’s not all.

She’s facing down history, her ownership of a piece of property a triumph considering the hoops of the Apartheid regime under which it was acquired. The irony of one tiny Chinese woman with her act together versus a pack of those whom the regime most empowered isn’t lost on anyone.

And closer to my home, Jay deal with an eager buyer of his one-bedroom haven in the competitive Manhattan market. And to understand eager, let me add that the apartment is actually not for sale, and the eager buyer is Italian, capice?

All of this makes me realize how much braver people are than I knew, and makes me wonder if I have what it takes to play in their league. Either way, I’m glad that they’re both firmly on my team.



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