It’s the greatest in easy, satisfying breakfast fare, especially so because it comes with more than a dash of love when it’s ‘Made by Mom.’

Two of my mom’s culinary notabkles were shared with me on her recent visit. One was the recipe to her apparently infamous sponge cake (though no actual cake, althugh I’m told that before I was born she was city-famous for this signature delight). The second was the delicious, super-easy ands equally farinaceous breakfast food I like to call, the Momlette.


Generously, I think the latter ought to be shared widely for all to enjoy a great start to the day (although this works well for all meal times, I’ve scientifically verified this in my own kitchen at all hours).






Step 1: Melt salted butter over medium heat in pan. The more butter the better (and I have to say I was blown away by the butter-dispensing antics of my mom.)

Step 2: Break a circular piece out of the middle of a slice of bread — about the size of an egg yolk — and fry bread in pan. Season to taste.




Step 3: Flip bread over when lighly browned. Add even more butter to the hollow centre of the bread slice and crack an egg over it so the yolk settles into the hole. Season and flip over once egg is firm enough to do so without breaking yolk.

Step 4: Savour and repeat.



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