I enter the new year ever-impressed with those dedicated bloggers who can get themselves together to post regularly. I guess that I’m from the group of people for whom diaries — at least writing them — weren’t appealing.. or one of those who’s just too darn caught up in the mix!

And so now, that I’m down with the flu, I finally have a moment to reflect.

The holidays this year seemed to arrive and the fly by faster than ever. Like a drive-by Christmas experience. It’s almost the 12th day of Christmas (6 January) and I still feel like I haven’t had enough face time with my Christmas tree.

The baby sweater was completed and looks super cute. As Baby Huber will be born sometime this month and it is a 9 month size, it should be perfectly in time for fall. (Of course, this is something I simply didn’t even think about — that the little person’s clothes need to match in size and season or don’t get worn!)

Jay and my trip to Ohio for the Christmas weekend was crazy — we were on the only flight to anywhere in Ohio from Newark that wasn’t cancelled and we came across stranded people and luggage at every stop.

A foot of snow and, more trecherously, ice, has fallen and so we crawled our way for hours through a winter wonderland of ice-bound trees (hence 130,000 people in Columbus without power), powder puff slopes and frigid temperatures. On one day the high was 9F, on another evening on which we ventured out for a stroll, it was -24F. Yikes!

treestand.jpgThe weekend would not have ben complete without sledding, and we quickly graduated from sledding across the front yard of Jay’s brother’s place with their daughter, to driving out to some serious hills.

Sad to say my steering skills in the sledding department leave more than a little to be desired. Even I couldn’t figure out how I managed to get us spinning around like crazy. The scary point? Yours truly managed to not only get us spinning around, flattened an entire stand of bullrushes and into a stinking, semi-frozen creek. Backwards.

And after all that, it amazed me that all she wanted to do was… go again, with me. (I needed a few tens of minutes to calm her nerves before venturing down any slopes; she was off again in minutes. Ahhh, childhood resilience is a wonderful thing.)

You can see a photoessay of the trip, shot by my five-year old sledding partner and I, by clicking here.



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