macro_peace_lilly_s.jpgOr at least that’s been my experience. When you buy them or receive them as a gift, they are normally graced with a single glorious bloom. But once that dies it seems like it is a real test of time to wait for the next bloom to appear.

My first peace lilly was a street market purchase. Snuggled into a wicker basket, it looked classically and architecturally beautiful, and I recall struggling along with the basket toward home, my then dog Amigo taking full advantage of the situation and gorgine himself on everything from pieces of shwarms to shreds of mozareppa (my favourite street fair food — a comination of arepas, Mexican polenta pancakes, with gobs of melted Mozarella cheese int he middle.)

But I digress. The peace lilly was dutifully installed, fed and watered. But after that first bloom, nothing.

My second peace lilly was a gift from two pre-teens. Alarmingly, it topped a vase that was home to a now also deceased Betta fish. Since the bereavement, the lilly has been replanted with a few other plants, but it too, failed to bloom.

It’s been almost years since the plants outlasted the pets, and I am happy to announce that not only one, but both have produced arching blooms of architecturally perfection.

So you can understand why this event befits an entry, and some fun trying out some macro shots onmy camera.



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