The Wachowski brothers’ (or should that be ‘siblings’?) new offering, ‘”V for Vendetta“, should be required viewing for anyone who is a citizen of any country. And no, that’s not because it may/may not parallel the current state of any specific government at this time, but because apart from a highly entertaining 2 hours and 12 minutes, it may make you stop, look, listen and think.

If you’re a person who enjoys alliteration, then there is a speech by the leading character “V” in the very beginning of the movie that will leave you delighted, as I was. The entire movie is a linguistic joy, from it’s witty dialogue, to the quality of its vocabulary.

There’s no doubt that the entire premise will make you think. Moreso if you have the interesting experience of being pamphleted by mask-wearing anarchists when exiting the theatre. As they explain it, turn the “v” upside down and you have…”A” for anarchy.

That’s right. This particular group’s take on the movie goes something like this. Don’t just think this is another “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” story line. And don’t reduce it to a call or critique of one form of government over another. Their take on the big screen offering is that “V” wasn’t calling for a change of government, but the destruction of government.

Well, as I said, stop, listen, and think…

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