Credit: H&H Bagel W46th StreetIf you imagined that in a globalized world, care packages of home-grown edible pleasures was over, think again. It’s true that your national culinary treasures, be they rooibos tea, Ovaltine, or Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, have become a more widely available as a result of extended distribution or online vendors. But the age of the lovingly selected care package is far from over. If anything, the ingredients have become even more local.

Take this weekend for example. As I planned to “go west” and spend some time with some Big Apple transplants in LA, I asked if there was anything I could bring. Imagine my surprise when the requests included pizza, bagels and cheesecake.

Despite celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck’s, best efforts, that California Pizza Kitchen just isn’t making the grade. Neither are any of the pseudo bagels available on the west coast, not to mention the cheesecake disappointments (Sorry, Cheesecake Factory.)

Yes, almost any New York pizza and very specifically, H&H’s bagels and New York cheesecake from the Brooklyn source are unmatched in their toungue-tantalizing enjoyment.

While I was easily able to transport the bagels (although the poor cabin smelled like the inside of an everything bagel bin as a result!), pizza and cheesecake were beyond even my exploits as the aviation transporter. Fellow passengers, many who have muled the same doughy desires to their West Coast family and friends, advised me that courier delivery is the only way to go with cheesecake, and only one person had ever heard of a coast-to-coast pizza delivery.

It’s not exactly fair, but when next I check out the southern California weather on a particularly chilly or humid New York day, at least I know I have H&H, literally, on my side.

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