portrait_s.jpgSo many good questions keep pouring in that we thought we should put the answers together. Call it our wedding “FAQ” or Frequently Asked Questions, from baby sitting to gift registries, it’s all here.

Q: Is the invitation only for me?
Yes. Sadly, because of space and cost constraints, the invitation is only for the person or persons to whom it is addressed.

Q: How do I organize for babysitting if I am coming to New York with my children?Please contact the Concierge at the hotel you are staying at. They will be able to advise whether the hotel has a sitting service, or can recommend a baby sitting service.

Q: Do you have a gift registry?
Yes we do. Here are all the details.

As if your presence wasn’t gift enough, many people have kindly enquired about whether we have anything we would like to have in particular. So we have followed the American tradition of putting together a wedding registry, all available online.

fortunoff.gifNew bed linens in soothing shades are high on our wishlist. We would love to have a boudoir that created a Zen-like, spa calm. So we have chosen some linens at Fortunoff, as well as some complementary bath linens. You will find them here: http://www.fortunoff.com/br_home.asp?display=guest. Our registry number is 934011.

ws.gifIn a similar fashion, our cuisine aspirations are laid bare for you to view at Williams Sonoma, go to http://ww1.williams-sonoma.com/reg/findregistry.cfm?src=regsmanage%2Fregsmanage%2Fregslanding%2Fhme. Simply search for either Jay Huber or Tanya Accone and you’ll be able to access our list. Here’s you’ll discover our stomach’s desire from new knives to a slow cooker and a cookbook stand. (The latter will prevent our growing collection of cookbooks from sporting the splatters and butter basting stains they’ve acuired thus far!)

And, as a matter of interest, we will be presenting any givers of objects that cut — knives, mandolines and coffee grinders for example — with some copper coins in red paper. This follows the Chinese tradition that these kinds of items cannot simply be accepted as a gift, they must be exchanged for copper. This is to avoid any “bad luck” for the giver or recipient that could be interpreted by superstitious folks as “cutting” anything like the relationship, good luck etc.

candb.gifAlternately, make your way to Crate and Barrel and you can browse some of our entertaining needs. Point your browser at: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/gr/guest/findregistry.aspx

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