I was in a meeting last week when one of the participants noted that many blogs fail because of infrequent updates. This, she suggested, was because too many people felt a need to create perfect blog posts. Too long, too much time and thought on structure, substance, and standards.

Hmmm, that definitely resonated. There’s an internal benchmark that I feel compelled to make before commiting to the submit/publish button. Most likely that’s the residual impact of working as a journalist. Being in the midst of putting together a personal online clip library, I notice a distinct similarity between the style of weekly columns I once wrote and that measuring stick inside my head. Of course the big difference is that I’m now aiming to do daily what I once did weekly and for no money ;0) [Let me take a moment to say a big “Thank you” to those who are for making the clipping compendium possible :0) You know who you are!]

And that applies not only for blog posts but e-mails too. All too often I litter my e-mail drafts folder with partial and not perfected missives that I fail to mail because they don’t say everything I intended. But surely it is better to have paid a virtual greeting than none at all?

Perhaps what I really need is a big dose of “publish or be damned!”

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  1. Fur better or worse

    While I witnessed flurries, drizzle, rain, massive snow flakes and various changes betwen all four in the span of minutes today, there’s no doubt that Spring is marching forward and before it gets too hot, I’d better publish this post….

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