gere.jpgOkay, that’s a lie, seeing as my shoulders were at least five feet above his and I was safely entombed like tinned tuna. Remember the movie train spotting? Well, this was celebrity bus spotting. Gere was getting out of his limo and doing the celeb-studded red carpet arrival; I was gawking from the MTA bus.

While the Metropolitan Museum of Art is closed today, it was alive with action themed to its newest exhibit on British fashion. Two seemingly authentic guards in Beefeater regalia stood watch over a Union Jack-emblazoned entrance, while New York City cops did their best to keep traffic flowing and unaware of the stars stepping out of their cars and onto the paparazzi-lined entrance stakeout.

That’s where a little height and a sympathetic bus driver will level the playing fields — he slowed down so we could get a perfect eye view onto the proceedings, including a Gere gesticulation. (No, a wave, lest you misread that.)

Ah yes, just another New York moment.

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