inca-flag.jpgToday I was mid-sentence (literally), delivering a presentation to some 60 people in the National Convention Centre in Cusco, Peru when the call about my wedding dress came through.

The notes of my techno cellphone ringtone were embarrassingly amplified. You bet I had everyone’s attention! I can proudly say I didn’t break stride as I extracted the phone, sent the call to voicemail, continuing to review a data analysis chart.

During a break hours later I finally managed to return the call and get the great news that… designer Swati Argade had landed in New York from India, fresh with the wedding dress. Her news had two immediate results: one of jubilation and excitement and two, I rapidly put down those coffee break cookies I had just been contemplating eating :0)

So we’ll be fitting it on Saturday when I’m back on the same continent as my dress.

(P.S. In case you’re wondering, the National Convention Centre is a fabulous meeting space with good acoustics, staging, sound systems and translation facilities… topped with a rainbow Inca flag and with a fabulous fountain in the courtyard. If the similarity between the Inca flag and the gay pride one struck you too, read this: Inca concern over ‘gay’ flag (BBC).)

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