st_TJ_hammock_s.jpgWhat is today? Today is 27 June of course, but it is also our one-month anniversary :0) I am happy to report that married life has much to recommend it. (Although we both wish that we also got to have another honeymoon too.)

Speaking of which, yours truly has been criminally lazy in not yet a) being together on the Thank Yous (and there is so very, very much to be thankful for), and b) putting up photos from our fantastic honeymoon. The only thing is, being the happy shutterbugs we were, there are literally hundreds of photos… so the editing process has been quite extended.

But hopefully we’ll have some up within the week. Until then, I post this one of Jay and I in one of my favourite places on the resort: a perfectly situated hammock just metres fro the warm ocean. Jay has perfected the art of the one-handed snap of us, and I really love this one. Bliss in pixels…

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